Tulsa Oklahoma Seamless Gutters

Gutters aren’t glamorous. But unless there are long overhangs on your roof and your property is steeply graded, they’re essential for routing roof runoff away from your home. Installed properly, gutters keep basements and crawl spaces dry, preserve topsoil, protect siding from backsplash stain and rot and shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage.

If you have ever walked out of your home and been drenched at the door, you have thought about rain gutters.

If you have installed costly landscaping, only to see it washed away after rain; or if you have unsightly stains on yur siding or brick, you have thought about rain gutters.

If you have cracks in the wall, floors or ceilings; or your house is 8″ lower at the back door than at the front entrance due to settling and foundation problems, you have given a lot of thought to rain gutters.

After years in the seemless rain gutters business, we have heard these reasons time and time again. Improper drainage around your home can be unsightly and extremely costly.

Firehouse Roofing Co has professionally trained installers to help protect one of your biggest investments. For a free estimate on seemless gutter installation, repairs, leaf guards, or clean out, please call us:

Seamless gutters are the only way to go; with seamless gutters, you don’t have to worry about the caulking of seams giving way and leaking all over the sides of your home. Seamless gutters also enhance the look of your home and are are available in many colors and styles designed to complement your home.

The Selection Process: Accentuate the architecture of your home by choosing from various styles and colors of seamless gutters and downspouts. Call us if you need help with the selection process.

5″ K-Style O.G.: Designed for climates with light to moderate rainfall rates and/or roof areas with relatively short ridge-to-eave distances.

6″ K-Style O.G.: Designed for climates with moderate to heavy rainfall rates and/or roof areas with longer ridge-to-eave distances.

6″ Half Round: Brings back the classic look of yesteryear. Designed for all rainfall rates and roof ridge-to-eave distances. The round downspouts are also usable with 5″ and 6″ K-Style O.G. gutters.

Colors: 25 painted aluminum colors with low-marring tuff coat protection as well as Galvalume Plus and copper well complement the color scheme of your home.